Culminating Work Periods: Day 4-8

Use the timeline below to help to organize your time and assignment completion

Day 4:work hard in silence,                 and let success make noise

  • By the end of this period you should complete the following
    • Class Category Brainstorm Share (last page of package)
    • Instructions:
      • Posted in the classroom will be 5 stations of chart paper.
      • Each with correspond with a building category
      • With markers, rotate through the room and write the features that you have researched and encountered through the last few weeks
      • There are also “hint” sheets that can help you (they are coloured paper, found on the desks)
    • When you complete this activity, start working on your rough copy
    • Class Brainstorm with “Green Ideas” link – class-green-ideas-brainstorm

Day 5:

  • Complete working period
    • Complete your rough copy, have it checked by your teacher
    • If you have “small” features, all at least two so that it covers the critieria of the assignment
    • Small features are things like a garden whereas a larger feature would be  a living wall
  • You are responsible for providing all materials
  • Your teacher can share larger paper and bristol board for you (you must ask)

Day 6 + 7  Image result for work hard

  • Building and complete model

    Image result for presentation



Day 8 Carousel Presentations