Trip Instructions

Our Geography Trip is fast approaching, there are a few housekeeping items that we need to go over with you!Image result for field trip

The trip is the 1st step of your FINAL assignment for this course, it is worth 15% of your final mark. It is very important that you attend the trip.

The trip has 2 parts 

  1. Eco-lution Tour : these are 10 examples of Green Building Technologies in practice right now in the urban landscape of Toronto. This is 1st hand research for your Green Vanier Project.
  2. Kensington Market: A very “organic” Toronto experience, it is a neighbourhood that has offered much refuge for immigrants over the years to its transition into a very livable area in Toronto. Take note of “livable” and “green spaces.” Good ideas to think of when you build your livable and green Vanier

Trip logistics:

  • We need to leave school by 8:30 and will meet in the FOYER, verify with your teacher if you are meeting at Don Mills
  • We will be taking public Transit, don’t forget your tickets!
  • All Academic and Applied classes will be attending and placed in a GROUP with your teacher
  • You will need something to write with and possibly a clip board or book to press on, refillable water bottle and dress for walking and weather.
  • You are welcome to bring a lunch or money to purchase lunch in Kensington
  • Use your phone to add yourself to the texting list in case we are separated or get lost. Instructions are below—>
    • Open a new Text message 
    • The number you are texting is 289-278-3127
    • The message is @geotrip17  (include the @ sign)
    • Press SEND
    • You will get a welcome message back asking you for your FULL NAME (school name please, first and last)
    • Text your name back and the program will send you a text message again
      • SAVE THAT NUMBER /TEXT that number 
      • you can now use that number to contact me for the trip
  • Below are  your Boundaries for lunch!


Image result for map of kensington market toronto


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