Lesson 31: Intro to Immigration

Learning GoalsImage result for canadian immigration

  • Students can identify types of immigrants, push and pull factors
  • Students can analyse the push and pull factors for Kensington Market (application)
  • Actively apply the “points” immigration system


  1. PPT: lesson-29-immigration-and-logistics
  2. Note taker worksheet: lesson-29-immigration-worksheet
  3. Kensington Market Case study with handout (hard copy only)
  4. Video 1: What is Kensington market?Image result for kensington market
  5. Video 2: Kensington Market: 150 year history + Questions (below)
  6. Resources on visiting Kensington–             – http://www.kensington-market.ca/default.asp?id=getting-to-kensington&l=1
  7. Online immigration points calculator (HW)–Use this site instead:  -https://www.canadavisa.com/comprehensive-ranking-score-calculator.html

Video 1: What is Kensington?

Video 2: Kensington 150 year anniversary

As you watch the above videos, consider/notate the following:

  1. What are the pull and push factors for new immigrants to Kensington Market?
  2. What immigrant groups found their way into this area over the years?

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