Lesson 30: The Great Controversy- Resources vs Sustainability

Image result for oilLearning Goals:

  • To identify the variety of problems in “The Great Controversy”
  • To evaluate solutions to solve “the controversy”
  • To present these arguments through a structure debate/ government meeting


  • You Image result for sustainable environmentwill be given a real life scenario that deals with all of the natural resources and industries that you have been learning about for the past two weeks.
  • You will be split into groups and given two work periods to research information to help form an opinion and solution to the variety of problems surrounding the life scenario.
  • Your group will then take part in a town meeting where arguments will be presented from all sides until a solution for all parties has been reached.
  • Please be sure to research facts to help defend your side of the argument
  • As well, be sure to discuss what the opposing sides will be using for arguments at the town meeting and how you are going to dispose of these in a proper manner
  • Look carefully at the rubric to see how you are going to be evaluated
  • Take a look at the SUCCESS CRITERIA document below! It tells you how to know you will be GREAT!

    Image result for oil

The Great Controversy – Scenarios

Work ScheduleImage result for Debate

  • Day 1 + 2 (Work periods in class, BYOD- Bring your own Device)
  • Day 2: Brainstorm Success Criteria with class + Work period
  • Day 3: Debate Day!
    • Make sure you familiarize yourself with what the STRUCTURE will be on the day of the Town Hall (see above)
    • Don’t forget your Rubrics!

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