Lesson 29: Solutions for Global Poverty- MDG

Learning Goals17484-200.png

  • Students can make connection from Global Poverty Articles to the solutions presented in the next few lessons
  • Students can think critically and analyze the 8 proposed solutions or the MDGs
  • Students know what MDG stands for


  1. MDGs- What is this?
    • Video
  2. MDG Gallery Walkpoverty
  3. Goal Case Study
  4. Share your info
  5. What happens now?
    • Video





UN-Logo-660x3308 goals created by the UN (United Nations) in an attempt to end Global Poverty.


Now that we have some background information, let’s learn more about each goal…

  • There are 8 posters with a specific goal on each download
  • Walk around to look at each poster
  • On your worksheet, fill out the table with the name of the goal and the target 


  • In groups, you are going to read a case study and answer the questions on the front of the worksheet… Make sure you understand your goal very well because you will have to share!
  • Find another group to share with and jot down 5 interesting facts about their MDG

Since we were supposed to have this accomplished by 2015, what do you think happened?

  • Did we accomplish the goals?
  • If not, what do you think the next steps are?


What goals we didn’t meet in 2015: 


Since 2015, the UN has developed SDGs or Sustainability Development Goals; 


E_2016_SDG_Poster_all_sizes_with_UN_emblem_Letter copy


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