Lesson 26: Quality of Life

Learning Goals

  • Students can understand the situation of Quality of Life in Canada
  • Students can understand the importance of Quality of Life and what it means for Geography


Part 1:

Minds on Activity: “What’s wrong with this picture?” (prompting questions below)

Image result for child poverty

Prompting Questions:

  • What is  happening here?
  • What does this child not have?
  1. Class Brainstorm: What are Quality of Life and its potential indicators? (How do you know that people are happy/healthy/satisfied with their life?


2. How to measure QOL

Part 2:

a) QOL Individual Analysis:

  • On your own, you will be given another life story scenario of young person (Fernando, Taposhi, Celine etc).
  • Complete the organizer for your individual person (15 mins)
  • When instructed, all students with the same person will be grouped together
  • Come up with a consensus (decision) and be ready to present the following ideas:
    • How would you rate your individual’s quality of life?
    • What factors about their life helped you to make your decision?
    • In your notebooks draw a continuum from “Low to High” HDI, place individuals from the case study along the continuum as each group presents.

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