Lesson 25: Quality of Life and HDI

Learning Goals2000px-HDI-Logo.svg

  • Students know what the HDI is
  • Students have an idea about which places around the world has higher HDI 
  • Students can demonstrate that they know that there is a difference between Quality of life and what the HDI says


  1. Question of the day
  2. Intro to HDI
  3. Story of Emma and Jose + Organizer
    • Who’s happy according to who?

Copy of handout:HDI handout

Question of the day:Happy

What made you happy today? 

Are you happy to be at school?

HDI- Human Development IndexWorldmap-hdi2004

The HDI was created to show that PEOPLE and what they have ACCESS to, should be the criteria for the DEVELOPMENT of that country.  

  • Recap: Developed World vs Developing World- Which is which?

The HDI focuses on 3 things:

  1. Health:
    • Measured by life expectancy at birthhealth-hub
  2. Education
    • Measured by what or if schooling is available for people over the age of 25
    • Measured by expected amount of years of schooling for childrenpreschool11.jpg
  3. Standard of living
    • Measured by the country’s GNI (Gross National Income) or $


The HDI does not consider poverty, inequality, human security, and other factors.

This is a link to HDIs around the world: https://worldmap.canadiangeographic.ca/

Link to country profiles: http://hdr.undp.org/en/countries

The Story of Emma and Jose636145869086227185-1658768610_47882536-happy-pictures

  • Read each of the stories
  • Fill out the organizer to find out which child is HAPPIER and who has a better QUALITY OF LIFE

Let’s discuss our answers…


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