Lesson 24: Slum Cities and 3 Ps Sorting Chart

Learning GoalsImage result for sustainability

  1. Student is able to explain the concept of Sustainability and Quality of Life
  2. Student is able to explain the 2 models used to understand Sustainability
  3. Student is able to use the 3P’s sorting chart to understand an issue. 


  • Recap: Sustainability and Quality of Life (handout)
  • Rural vs. Urban definition
  • Video Slum Cities
  • Take up 3P’s sorting chart Re: Case-study of life in Slums

Major concept Reminders
Image result for sustainabilitySustainability
is a very important concept in Geography. It deals with making our resources last so that they don’t run out. The goal is that future generations have all they need to live a happy and full life without losing any QUALITY OF LIFE.

  • Quality of Life refers to simply “how happy” people are in their country and if they have ACCESS and AVAILABILITY of basic needs, goods and services. Quality of life is MEASURED using different CRITERIA or CATEGORIES.

Image result for quality of life


Slum Cities





  1. Based on the documentary, fill out the 3Ps Sorting Chart
  2. Let’s take it up together
  3. Brainstorm solutions
  4. Fill out 3Ps Venn Diagram!



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