Lesson 23: Global Population

Learning GoalsImage result for population growth clipart

  1. Student is able to describe the TREND in population growth over a specified time period.
  2. Student is able to explain the Issues associated with Overpopulation
  3. Student is able to explain the importance of the following: Baby boom and creation of technology (post WW2) and their impact on population growth


  • Class brainstorm: “What is population?”
    • Come up with a working definition as a class
  • Activity: Guessing population growthImage result for classroom activities teen
    • Your teacher will place a magnetic timeline on the black board, where do the population numbers match up in terms of growth? Can you get it right?
  • Video 1: Population Heartbeat
    • Viewing questions:
      • What do you notice overall about World Population?
      • When is the most population growth?
      • When do you see population decline? What is happening at these times in our World’s history?

Video 1: World Population

  • Major concepts: J-curve, baby boom + advancement in technology (impacts on population) + class notes
  • J- curve growth

Image result for population j curvebaby-boomers.jpg

  • Baby Boomers

    • Who are they? What impact did they have on population?
  • Advancement in Technology
    • What does this mean for population growth and survival?
  • Activity: Graphing Population Growth (handout)

Issues with Overpopulation

  • Activity: Paper Wars
    • Your teacher will place a piece of paper on the ground and have students “fight” for space”
      • What is this a metaphor for?
  • As you view the video below, consider:
    • What are the issues with Overpopulation? List as many as you can come up with-
    • What does overpopulation mean for:
      • Resources
      • Distribution of wealth–circumstances for the poor
      • Competition
      • Migration
      • Fertility (issues)

Video 2: The Impact of Population Growth


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