Lesson 21: Introduction to Social Justice- The Coffee Chain

Learning Goals

  • social-justice.jpgStudents can define or explain what social justice means
  • Students will consider a global issue from various view points
  • Students will understand the coffee trade and how it is linked to social justice


  1. SJ Fish Cartoon
  2. Coffee Quiz- What do you know about coffee?
  3. Coffee Chain Activity + Instructions
  4. Coffee Trade debate in groups
    • Follow up
  5. From seed to sip
  6. Article- Bruno’s Story
  7. Exit Ticket


  1. What do the fish represent?
  2. What is the main message?
  3. Think about a case study that we have already covered in this course (Water Issues), who does each fish represent in our scenario?

The Coffee Chain Game

In 5 groups, given to you by the teacher, read your information card on your position/ role in the coffee trade.  You will either be:

  • downloadThe Roasters
  • Shipping Companies
  • The Retailers
  • Coffee Exporters
  • Coffee Farmers

When it is your turn, explain to the class who you are and why you deserve money from the cup of coffee sold.  Argue for whichever percent of the costs of a cup of coffee, you deserve.  

From Seed to Sip: Journey of a coffee cherry from the coffee bush to your cup

download (1).jpeg

Together, we will answer the coffee quiz to see how much we know about the different steps of the coffee trade.

  1. How do you feel about our score on the quiz?/
  2. What does this have to do with social justice?

Bruno’s Story: Uganda Coffee Farmerdownload (2)

Uganda’s Trade Trap

Answer the questions for homework

Exit tickettumblr_static_sjicon1.jpg

On a piece of paper, write the answer to this question:

  • (In the comic from the beginning of class) What do you think the fish are saying to each other IF they were the Farmers, Roasters and Retailers of the Coffee Chain? 

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