Lesson 20: Alternative Energy

Learning GoalsIdea ,light bulb Alternative energy concept

  • Students can understand the terms “renewable energy” and “alternative energy”
  • Students can explain one type of alternative energy in detail


  1. Kia Commercial and Debrief
  2. Brainstorm/ Mind Map: What is Alternative Energy?
  3. Activity: Town Council Meeting

Video: Kia Commercial

While watching, think about…

  • How does this connect to Ecological Footprints?

Alternative Energy Brainstorm

What is alternative energy to you? 

What are some key words linked to alternative energy?



Activity: Town Council Meetingtown-hall-meeting-town-hall-clip-art-595_300

Mrs. Maharaj and Ms. Ross are the mayors of Eco-ville.  Our town currently has a very large ecological footprint because of our energy source.  It is up to you to save the earth and convince the mayors to chose your form of alternative energy for the town…image007

  • The class will be split up into 4 groups
    • Wind
    • Solar
    • Biomass
    • Geothermal
  • You and your group will be given an information sheet on your energy source and a poster board
  • You are to promote your energy source and present it to the council in a convincing way- Show us that your type of alternative energy will save our town!

*You will have two classes to work on the project*


Biomass:  biomass-energy-bg

Geothermal: Geo thermal Info


Solar: solar-electricity-bg





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