Lesson 19: Ecological Footprint

Learning Goalsworld

  • Students can identify the impact of their ecological footprint
  • Students can relate propose solutions to reduce their ecological footprint


  1. Hook: Pie Chart Activity
  2. Create our own definitions: Sustainability and Ecological Footprint
  3. Calculate your Ecological Footprint handout: CGC 1D Eco Footprint Worksheet
  4. Ecological Footprint video + de-brief
  5. Activity

Sustainability: avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.

footprint_leaves_356360.jpgEcological Footprint: the impact of a person or community on the environment, expressed as the amount of land required to sustain their use of natural resources.carbonfootprint.jpg

Video: What is our Ecological Footprint?

The Green Ninja Video: Ecological Footprint Reducer

Think of these questions as we watch the video: 

  • What are the problems shown in the video?
  • How does the green ninja fix them/ make them better?
  • When the ninja fixes the problems, what happens to the man’s eco footprint?

Calculate your own footprint using this feet-outline-clip-art-clipart-panda-free-clipart-images-Y8Enco-cliparthandout: Ecological Footprint Calculator




Re-Calculate your own Ecological Footprint using this link and bring your findings to class tomorrow!

Is it different than our findings in class?



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