Lesson 18: Consumption

Learning GoalsImage result for over consumption

  • Student it able to identify the Materials Economy and its impact on the 3P’s
  • Student can identify the 4R’s and their importance in reducing our Ecological Footprint


  1. Time Magazine Photo Essay Activity
  2. Video: The Story of Stuff with Organizer + 3P’s T-chart Intro/Activity
  3. Focus on Waste- the 4R’s and Discussion (Why aren’t all the R’s sustainable?)
  4. Article Analysis: “How big is your Consumption” by Jared Diamond
  5. Evaluation: Upcoming Test


  1. Time Magazine Photo Journalism Exhibit

Instructions: As you watch the slide share below consider the following:

  • How are foods packaged?
  • Which countries are heavy MEAT eaters?
    • What does that tell you about the country and its citizen’s wealth?
  • Which countries produce the most (food related) garbage?
    • Why do you think so? What’s your evidence?

Slide share link: http://time.com/8515/what-the-world-eats-hungry-planet/

2. The Story of Stuff

  • The Materials Economy is a system of production where resources are EXTRACTED from the natural environment, made into something (MANUFACTURED) that humans can use, sold (DISTRIBUTED) around the world for consumption and then thrown away (DISPOSAL) usually in a very dismissive, non-environmentally sensitive way.


Image result for story of stuff extraction

The Materials Economy

Instructions: As you watch the video below, complete the Organizer +  3P’s Sorting chart on how this Materials Economy system, affects People, Profit and Planet


3. Focus on Waste: Class DiscussionImage result for 4 r's of recycling

  • Are you aware what the 4R’s are? See above 🙂
  • Do you think they help with Environmental conservation? Why or why not?
  • What are the problems with the 4R’s?
  • Which “R” is the most sustainable? Why?
  • Consider why “Recycle” is 3rd in importance on this system? Why do you think so?


4. Article Analysis: Jared Diamond “Consumption” 

  • Complete reading and questions (HW)

Image result for keep calm and study geography

5. Upcoming Test

  • Review, topics and scheduling a date





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