Lesson 13: Intro to Canada’s Natural Resources + Industries

Learning Goals

  • Students is able to describe the 3 levels/types of industries in Canada with examples
  • Student is able to gather information using prompts in regards to Canada’s natural resources
  • Student is able to research using scholarly sources and report findings for purpose of student directed gallery walk re: Canada’s resources

AgendaImage result for canada's resources

  • Landform Organizer (completed?)
  • Intro to Canada’s Industries
  • Case study Reading
    • Alberta Oil Sands
      • Read p. 108-109, complete Q. 1-3 @ the end of the reading
  • Activity: You will be placed in groups by your teacher and assigned a particular resources that Canada is well known for.
    • You will use 1 lab period to gather information to create an informative poster (chart paper size) for a gallery walk that we will have.
    • All groups will swap information on all the resources
    • Use the organizer/worksheet to gather your information and transfer this info AS A GROUP onto your creative POSTER for the gallery walk

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