Lesson 10 B + 11- Intro to Natural Disasters

Learning Goals:

  • natural-disasters1Student can identify and explain at least one natural disaster (how it
    acts and what it is)
  • Student can understand/ remember that Natural Disasters occur due to the movement of the earth


  1. Natural Disasters Brainstorm
  2. Activity: What’s in your Emergency Kit?
  3. What is a Natural Disaster? (Handout)
  4. Video 1: The 10 Worst Natural Disasters in History
  5. Video 2: Fort McMurray Fire
  6. Activity with Graphic Organizer: Natural Disasters Explained
  7. Exit Card

Class Brainstorm:

emergencykit.gifWhat do you already know about Natural Disasters?

What are some of the different types?

Activity: What’s in your Emergency Kit?-

On the Emergency kit Template that you have been given…

  1. Chose 5 things to put in your Natural  Disasters emergency kit based on what you already know 
    • Draw them inside your outline and label the items
    • Either DRAW or WRITE the items
    • Hand this in at the end of class*



Video (Disasters Around the World) : The 10 Worst Natural Disasters in History

Questions to think about while watching the video: 

  • What do you notice about the earth with each Natural Disaster?
  • What elements (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water) are involved in each Disaster?

Video (Disaster in Canada): Fort McMurray Fire

Questions to think about while watching this video:

  • Do you remember hearing about any natural disaster growing up?
  • Which natural disasters do you think Canada is most likely to have happen?

Natural Disasters in Detail + Graphic Organizer

earthquakeCopy of graphic organizer: natural-disasters-graphic-organizer

In groups given to you by the teacher:

  1. You will be given an info sheet on 1 Natural Disaster
  2. With your group, you will read the information and determine the most important points (2-3 points)
  3. On a section of the blackboard, you will write:4837ab35c3b9662b2b2bfe5bccf0fe7a_natural-disaster-tsunami-natural-disaster-clipart-free_1126-1006
    • The name of the Natural Disaster
    • A drawing of what it looks like
    • Your 2-3 main points about it

Use your blackboard selection as well as the others to complete your graphic organizer.

Exit Card:

Knowing what you know now about Natural Disasters, answer the following questions on the other side of your emergency kit and hand it in before leaving the class.

  • What items would you keep in your emergency kit from before?
  • What items would you change? and what would you change them to?exit



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