Lesson 6: Glaciation- Shaping Our World

Learning Goals:

  • glacier_largeStudent is able to understand the concepts behind glacier formation
  • Student is able to describe the contribution of glaciers to geography
  • Student is able to describe and understand the history of glaciers


  1. Recap: What are glaciers?
  2. Glaciation worksheet: glaciation-notes
  3. Videos: All About Glaciers, How do they shape the land?
  4. Glaciation: Before and After Pictures
  5. Activity: Glacier Comparisons

Glacier: a slowly moving mass or river of ice formed by the accumulation and compaction of snow on mountains or near the poles.cc15de4d-3449-4ba6-8e56-feea6be2179c.jpg

Glaciers shape the earth due to a process called EROSION 

Erosion: the movement of the earth’s surface from one location to another

  • Continental Glacier: Spreads itself out using it’s own weight
    • Expand existing rivers and lakes (The Great Lakes)
  • Alpine Glacier: Found in mountainous areaseeaecf3c-318f-4691-88e9-fd7cf36817fb
    • Creates a U-shaped valley with moraine at the base
  • Moraine: a mass of rocks and sediment carried down and deposited by a glacier, typically as ridges at its edges or extremity.


download (1).jpeg


Video 1: All About Glaciers

Video 2: How do glaciers shape the landscape? Animation

Glaciation: Before and After

WZn8UECe9AV6nlZNfUkj_glaciers8 (1).jpg

Montana, USA: 1930- 2008


Muir Glacier, Alaska: 1941- 2004


Toboggan Glacier, Alaska: 1909- 2000



In Canada…


Decker Glacier, Whistler, B.C.: 2006- 2014

Activity: Glacier Comparisons


  1. In your group, given to you by the teacher, you will be given a glacier comparison/description
  2. On a piece of chart paper, you will have to give a VISUAL REPRESENTATION of what this may look like in regards to a GLACIER
  3. You must show and explain the image to the rest of the class


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